Day Three

Today started off on a high note. I got on the scale and saw that I am down three pounds after only two days on the cleanse! Woot woot! I’m gonna need a new pair of jeans soon. And slacks for work. And underwear.


Anywhoo – today’s juice, while it looked like swamp water, was soooo good! I was a little concerned because it had cucumber, and I’m just not a big fan of cucumber. I like a slice in my ice water, but a whole cucumber? That flavor is pretty strong. Instead it was nice and tart and lemony. I loved it! I am for sure going to keep making Day 2 juice even after I’m done with the 30 day challenge.

Here are some random musings:

I had a few people tell me that this is the turning point in a cleanse. They got headaches the first few days due to the drastic change in diet. I haven’t experienced any headaches. I’m wondering if it’s because I was eating clean before I started this cleanse? Whatever the reason, I’m thankful because I can’t function with headaches.

My parents stopped by this evening to pick up some stuff for work. While they were here I had them each sample tomorrow’s juice. My mom loved it, my dad liked it. Maybe the three of us can pitch in together and get our own juicer!

Day Two dinner was crazy good. Garbanzo beans, kale and garlic – how can you go wrong with that? Tonight’s had black beans…mmm…beans.

I only drink milk and water, so it has been really nice to have something new and different to drink. Milk is not on the cleanse, and I thought I would miss not drinking it. I actually don’t. We still have some in the fridge because hubby is drinking it. I think this is what I need to kick the milk habit. I don’t think I’ll give up dairy completely. I do love me some cheese and yogurt.

It’s only day three, and I am already fantasizing about what I am going to eat on day 31. Right now it’s gluten free pizza.


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