Day Four

It’s only been four days of the cleanse, but one lesson (of many) that I learned is to not be deceived by the pretty colors.


Two juices were swamp water green and two were pretty rainbow colors. Surprisingly, the swamp water juices tasted better than the rainbow juices. Today’s juice contains beets, and I’ve decided I’m not a big fan of beets.

My first experience with beets was on The Office thanks to Dwight Shrute and Shrute Farms. My second experience with beets was last summer, when I used beets to make a red velvet cake for my nephew’s third birthday. To me, it tasted slightly of potato. I’ve never tried them any other way until this week.

This morning I posted on Facebook that beets taste like dirt, but thanks to the fruit, it tasted like sweet dirt. It started a lively discussion about who does and does not like beets, how they like to prepare them and how peeling them before juicing will help with the flavor. I also had two friends let me know that the bright red color of the beets will make it through my body and come out bright red as well! As gross as that sounds I’m kind of curious, too! I’m glad they warned me that in a few days it will look like I’m having a medical emergency on the toilet.


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