Day Five and Six

Sorry for the two-in-one; yesterday was a busy day. Got home late from work, went grocery shopping and baked a cake (a traditional one, too, which I sadly cannot eat).

Here is a picture of the juice for day five. No beets today, so of course I liked the flavor a lot. When all mixed together it was very dark red.


And here is a picture of the day six juice, which I am currently enjoying for my breakfast. We’re back to swamp water green and of course I prefer the flavor over the brightly colored juices.


When I first started the cleanse, I was worried about how juice would keep me full until breakfast. Then I realized that I am sipping juice all morning long. I can’t chug it like water, so it takes me a couple of hours to get through all the juice. Plus, some of the recipes make a lot of juice! Anywhere from 24-36 ounces of juice. Today’s juice almost filled up an entire Harkin’s Theatres cup. During the week I drink one glass of juice while I am getting ready for work, and then I take the second glass of juice to drink while at work.

The other thing I’m thankful for is that this cleanse is not strictly juice. I realize I’ve only been posting pictures of the juice portion of the cleanse, but we also get to chew food. There is no way I could go 30 days on only juice. I need to start taking more pictures of the salads. My amazing yoga teacher is taking some awesome pics of all the meals and you can see them on the Yahweh Yoga Facebook page.

One final note: yesterday I received the Week Two grocery list and recipes. I am so excited for this week! We get desserts! We get TOSTADAS! Who knew you could eat tostadas on a cleanse?! Not me!


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