Days Eight, Nine and Ten

Whoops! Didn’t realize I went so long without a blog post. It’s much easier to blog when you are home sick and don’t go to yoga because you are sick. Now that I am back to my regular routine I gotta figure out how to squeeze in a blog post.

First things first. This morning when I got on the scale I saw that I am now down four pounds since starting the cleanse for a total of 45 pounds! I have nine pounds left to reach my goal.

Okay, back to blogging. So the beans. Well, the good news is they are edible. I started the beans in the Crock-Pot on low at 8pm on Sunday. By 6 am they were not done. So I cranked it up to high and hoped that they would be done in two hours before going to work. They weren’t. I turned it off, went to work, came home, turned it back on, went to yoga, got back, and they looked done. So I scooped out the beans and put them in my food processor. They didn’t look right; they looked like almond flour. Then I realized I needed to add some of the liquid. That helped a lot, but they were still a little gritty. I Googled “gritty beans” and this happens when the beans were not soaked before cooking. So, next time I will try soaking them first, and then I’ll cook them in the Crock-Pot.

Oh, you want pictures of the juice from the last couple of days? Okay, here are days eight and nine. I had so much of it that it lasted two days:


And here is day ten:


Men, you may want to skip this paragraph. Don’t say you weren’t warned. An interesting thing happened while on the cleanse. My period started five days earlier than normal. (I told you to skip this paragraph!) After speaking to a few friends, they reminded me that any major change to my body, such as diet or exercise, can have that affect. I wasn’t expecting that, but no biggie. Surprisingly, though, I did not experience any cramps! Before I started eating real/clean food I had terrible cramps. Really painful. After I started with the real/clean food, I noticed an improvement, and my cramps didn’t seem as intense. This cycle, absolutely none!

I’ve also been doing research on juicers. I’m going to write a separate post about juicing and blending, so keep an eye out for that.


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